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Our same day dental implants will bring a smile back to your face!

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Why is it worth considering an same day dental implants?

  • Immediate dental implants in just one day!

  • Save time through a single surgical procedure.

  • Avoid the look of missing teeth and discomfort which can be caused by dentures.

  • Less visits to the clinic.

Our team of highly trained dentists will take ll the time you need to feel comfortable. We want you leaving our surgery with a smile!

“I have been so pleased with the care and attention I have recieved. But most importantly I am absolutely delighted with the results!”

Happy Patient

What is Smile In Just One Day?

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Smile In Just One Day is a dental procedure that provides patients with same day dental implants. With modern advancements in dentistry, there have been many breakthroughs with recovery times and what can be done to improve patient experience. Our same day dental implants consists of crowns or even a temporary bridge which will be fixed to the titanium rod right after it have been inserted into the one. This is a temporary solution and should be replaced with fixed dental implants further down the line.

However, this means you don’t have to worry about your smile. Instead with our same day dental implants you can smile freely without having to worry about missing teeth or hoping to hide your look with temporary denture replacements. Smile confidently with our Smile In Just One Day treatment. This means that you can have tooth extraction and implant in one day without having to wait. For more information keep reading or get in touch with us here at Forestside Dental Practice.

Meet The Team

Before we jump into giving you same day dental implants, we need to do a consultation. Here you will meet the care team who will be friendly and calm to make sure you’re are always comfortable. We understand that visiting the dentist can be scary. We’re here to put your worries at ease.

Assessment For Same Day Teeth

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Firstly, our gentle dentists will take a look at your teeth and gums to make sure that you will be able to have same day dental implants. They will assess if Smile In Just One Day is the best option for you.

If it is concluded you will be able benefit from these quick dental implants, we will then perform a CT scan to get a better understanding of your jaw and your bone structure. This will be when we can confirm that you will benefit from our same day dental implants and we will then discuss a plan for your treatment. If we conclude that same day dental implants won’t be the best option for you, we will then discuss what may be the best treatment that we can offer you.

Plan & Book Your Appointment

If everything is agreed and all is okay, we can then plan how we will approach your treatment. Each patient is different and we want to completely cater to your needs. A detailed care plan will be written out and we will confirm the same day teeth cost.

Once this is all sorted, you can go ahead and book an appoint for you Smile In Just One Day treatment! We will keep you updated with everything you need to know just to give you peace of mind.

Same Day Dental Implants Treatment

This appointment is where we will place your new temporary implants in place which are design to quicken the healing process. Our surgeon will use titanium rods that will be unique to your bone structure. They will have a precise angle which will be a great foundation for your new teeth.

During the same day dental implants procedure you will have local anaesthesia. However, you can also opt for extra sedation which will ensure there is no pain as well as helping to keep you relaxed. Once the procedure is over, your smile will be restored.

If you’re extremely nervous and feel like you need someone with you for moral support, they are more than welcome. Our team will make sure that they are looked after too.

Follow-Up Appointment

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We will see you after a couple of months to measure whether your permanent teeth will be the perfect size for you. About a month after this follow up appointment, we will put your permanent set of teeth in. You won’t be able to stop smiling.

As a team, we will provide you with the best aftercare tips to ensure that your new teeth stay beautiful, giving you the clean smile you have always wanted.

If same day dental implants sound like the right choice for you, get in touch with us here at Forestside Dental Practice to book a consultation today!

Benefits of Same Day Dental Implants

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There are many benefits and advantages of getting same day dental implants fitted. For example:

  • You can save time. With traditional methods there is a long waiting period where the union between the bone and the implant takes place. This can take anywhere between two to four months until the final permanent set can be fitted. Our same day teeth implants will eliminate the need for removable dentures.

  • You will require less visits to see us. The Smile In Just One Day system allows your gum to shape around the temporary crown which leads to stunning aesthetics.

  • With our same day dental implants you will avoid the look of missing teeth as well as discomfort that can be caused by dentures. You will not have to worry about your appearance.

  • Fixed implants in one day!

  • Regain your ability to chew much quicker with immediate dental implants.

  • Improve your self-esteem and your overall wellbeing by getting teeth in a day.

Smile In Just One Day Care & Support

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One of the things that we take pride in is being caring towards our patients. Here at Forestside, we understand that going to the dentist can be a scary task and most of us would rather avoid it. Our team are highly trained and experience at fitting same day dental implants as it is important to us that our patients feel confident.

Our caring team will listen to you closely and make sure that you are comfortable at all times. Your new same day dental implants will be the perfect solution for you. You are more than welcome to bring your own moral support – most of our patients usually do. This will also be good as after the same day dental implants treatment you may be to drowsy to get yourself home safely.

Same Day Dental Implants Aftercare

Now that you’ve had the same day dental implants procedure done, you have to think about the aftercare. We will provide you with everything you need to know including tips for the best oral hygiene products as well as some advice on the best foods to avoid.

If at any point you are unsure about the procedure, please do not hesitate to call us at 023 8087 9088. We will help you put your mind at ease.

Experts on Same Day Dental Implants

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We here at Forestside Dental Practice take pride in being experts on same day dental implants. Our patients deserve the right to feel like they have the 

perfect smile right after their procedure. Our team are trained to keep you feeling calm. Our goal is to make you happy with our service and the treatments we provide.

Same Day Dental Implants Prices, New Forest

We provide our same day dental implants those who live in Dibden Purlieu, Hythe, throughout the New Forest including Brockenhurst, Calshot, Christchurch, Highcliffe, Lymington, Lyndhurst, Milford-on-Sea, New Milton, Ringwood, Sway, Totton, Eling and the surrounding areas.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Smile In Just One Day, please book a consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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