Most Popular Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

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Most Popular Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Ultimately, our most popular treatments are the ones which leave our customers with a youthful glow. While the facial features they come to treat differ, they are all looking for the same outcome – looking flawless and fresh with wrinkle reduction. Here are the treatments our clients love most at the moment…


1. Trio Botox Treatment

These Botox injections are particular favourites as it makes a lovely difference to a few of your features. Your face will receive an all-round revitalise, making you happy and confident once again. We offer this trio treatment at an extremely competitive price. This treatment works like this:

    • Firstly, with our Juvederm products we eliminate all the wrinkles on your forehead, which will look completely smooth.
    • Then we target the glabella lines (also known as frown lines) which appear between your eyebrows and centre of your forehead. These lines are caused as a result of frowning. After this treatment, these lines will disappear, leaving you looking brighter and happier.
    • Finally, we move down to the crows feet, which are the wrinkles around your eyes which are most noticeable when you smile. This will allow you to enjoy laughing without the worry of wrinkles.


2. Dermal Fillers Around the Mouth

Juvederm fillers work to reduce the lines and wrinkles around your mouth, so your skin smooths out in this area giving you a younger-looking smile. The face fillers we offer around this area are the nose to mouth lines, drooping lip corners, marionette lines and smokers lines, all at an excellent price. Anti-ageing treatments are great for giving you confidence and a new lease of life.

  • Nose to mouth lines is a noticeable deep crease in your skin between your nose and mouth. Our face filler injections soften and remove this shadow, drawing attention back to your mouth and eyes.
  • Drooping lip corners are lines either side of the lips, which can cause you to look sad. Our lip and cheek fillers work by removing these lines, making you look content again.
  • Marionette lines run from the corner of the lips to each side of the chin. By eliminating these lines, your mouth will achieve a natural-looking lift.
  • Smokers lines are vertical lip lines that can be caused over time from pursing your lips. Smoothing out your upper lip will make your lips appear more youthful.


Nose to mouth dermal fillers new forest


3. Lip Dermal Fillers

These face fillers are the favourite for wanting to highlight your lips and are an effective anti-ageing treatment. They can reduce the visual size of other facial features and so we can emphasise your natural beauty. We offer lip enhancements and lip volumising for these results, here you can see our price list for these treatments.

  • Lip Enhancements are used to pronounce certain features of your lips, such as your cupid’s bow. This makes it appear more prominent so that this beautiful feature will stand out more.
  • Lip Volumising makes your lips bigger in general, and can also be used to even out lips if the upper and lower lip seems disproportionate. This can also reduce the visual size of other features so that you can treat multiple functions with just one treatment.


4. Chin and Lower Face Fillers

These filler injections are favoured when customers want to sculpt their faces and you can find see the prices for these on our price page. In particular, this anti-ageing treatment can slim the structure of your face, and this treatment aims to leave you feeling refreshed.

  • Our chin and lower face treatments can allow you to structure certain features of your face. For example, if you wish to sharpen your jawline or define your cheekbones. These skin fillers will complement your natural facial features and structure.

Cheek dermal fillers new forest















All these popular wrinkle reduction and anti-ageing treatments we offer at Forestside Dental Practice. If you wish to find out more information, then visit our facial aesthetics treatment page.


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Dr Joanna McKenzie and her husband James are now the new owners of Forestside Dental Practice based in Dibden Purlieu near Southampton situated in the heart of the New Forest since the beginning of August 2017. I qualified from Gdansk Medical University in Poland with a Masters Degree in 1989 and have been practicing ever since for the last 29 years. My experience has developed since owning and working in my own practice in Poland combined being employed for the last 12 years in one Dental practice in Kent in the UK. Throughout my career, I have continued to develop my skills by attending various specialist fields of dentistry both abroad and within the UK, like Diploma of Implantology Cambrige or the latest being awarded a Master class Implantology Certificate at Cezanne Dental Centre in Berlin November2017 and many others. My specific interests are completing implantology requirements, all types of restorative dentistry, prosthodontic treatments and cosmetic dentistry including Invisalign. In my spare time I love to spend my time with my family, travel to experience different cultures and above all I find skiing extremely exhilarating.

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