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Looking to Brighten Your Appearance?

Dermal fillers can give you a more youthful glow.

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Are You After:

  • A more youthful appearance?

  • Younger looking skin?

  • Less visible lines and wrinkles?

We here at Forestside Dental Practice are trained in administering JUVEDERM dermal fillers for customers throughout the New Forest and the surrounding areas. We want you to feel more comfortable in your own skin and to shine with confidence in your day to day life.

“I have been so pleased with the care and attention I have recieved. But most importantly I am absolutely delighted with the results!”

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What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are a gel-like substance which contains hyaluronic acid. This is something that naturally occurs within the body. It works to stimulate the production of collagen which plumps the skin. As you get older, the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen lessens and that’s what gives the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of ageing within the skin.

They give volume to the skin helping to keep it hydrated. This all works to give a more youthful appearance. The effects of these can last for up to a full year. We carefully source our dermal fillers from JUVEDERM. This means that you know you’re opting for great quality and safe products.

Our dermal fillers are competitively priced with prices starting as low as £290. Get in touch with us for more information on dermal fillers, how they work and how much they may cost you.

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How Do Dermal Fillers Work?

We offer several types of JUVEDERM for our patients:

  • JUVEDERM Voluma XC – This will add volume beneath your cheeks to increase the size of them.

  • JUVEDERM XC and JUVEDERM Vollure XC – This works to improve skin’s elasticity and helps to fill out the wrinkles that sits in the lines around the mouth and nose. These are also known as the smile lines.

  • JUVEDERM Ultra XC and JUVEDERM Volbella XC – These work as non surgical and non invasive lip enhancement treatments.

We will carefully inject the target areas with JUVEDERM and massage it out to reduce swelling and to make sure that there is an even distribution of the product.

To ensure that you are as comfortable as possible, JUVEDERM contains a small amount of lidocaine which numbs the area it touches. This will reduce discomfort and make the procedure far easier to deal with.

Get in touch with us today for more information on the JUVEDERM treatments we have on offer.The whole treatment takes anywhere between 15 minutes all the way up to a full hour depending on the area or areas you wish to be treated.

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Where Can I Have Dermal Fillers?

Here at Forestside Dental Practice, we can provide dermal fillers for nose to mouth lines, drooping lip corners, marionette lines, smokers lines, chin and lower face as well as lip enhancements and volumising.

Our dermal fillers are perfect at giving a youthful look to your skin in a natural way. 96% of patients that receive JUVEDERM report being happy with the results that they have achieved immediately after treatments.

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Risks & Side Effects

As with any procedure, you can expect some risks and side effects that comes with dermal fillers, however, you need not worry as they are very minor.

Commonly, you can expect a little swelling or bruising. Other common side effects can include redness, lumps or bumps, minor pain, itching and tenderness. There is no need to worry as these should dissipate within a short time.

When choosing Forestside Dental Practice, we take care with how we administer our dermal fillers. We are trained, certified and fully licensed to carry out this treatment. There is no need to worry when choosing us. We will help make you feel at ease while we bring some youthfulness back into your skin.

Choosing Forestside Dental Practice

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While we specialise in dentistry, we do provide a few cosmetic procedures to enhance your smile. We want you to feel comfortable with your appearance and that is why we offer dermal fillers for our loyal customer base.

We understand that undergoing any kind of treatment whether medical or cosmetic can be a stressful situation. We want to make the procedure as quick and easy as possible. We get our dermal fillers from JUVEDERM who feature lidocaine in their product to make it as painless as possible.

This works to numb the area that has been injected making it almost impossible to feel the syringe. We will listen and pay attention to all your needs to make sure that you are completely comfortable throughout the procedure.

We will provide you with all the details you need for aftercare. If you would like more information on our dermal fillers or our other facial aesthetics procedures, please take a look at our treatments page.

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Dermal Fillers Prices

Here at Forestside Dental Practice, we provide dermal fillers for customers throughout Dibden Purlieu, Hythe, servicing locations throughout the New Forest including Brockenhurst, Calshot, Christchurch, Highcliffe, Lymington, Lyndhurst, Milford-on-Sea, New Milton, Ringwood, Sway, Totton and Eling.

If you would like more information then please fill out our online contact form. One of our resident experts on Dermal fillers will get back to you as soon as possible to answer any questions you may have. We will provide you with all the relevant information you need to know.

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