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Before & After

Here you can see Dr Manousos Goneos demonstrating his expert skills in closing gaps between the front teeth, also known as diastema closure.

An excellent example of the internal tooth discolouration removal performed regularly by Dr Manousos Goneos.

Before teeth discolouration dibden purlieu
Before teeth discolouration dibden purlieu

This is why check-up appointments are incredibly important. Dr Amir examined a few small black spots on the tooth (See Picture 1) which provided no discomfort. During the investigation, he exposed a very deep cavity lesion (See Picture 2). In order to correct this and preserve the tooth, Dr Amir has restored this perfectly using composite bonding (See Picture 3).

Black spots noticable on the tooth's surface new forest
During the investigation he exposed a very deep cavity lesion new forest
Corrected and preserved the tooth by using composite bonding new forest

Broken front tooth repaired with composite bonding by Dr Amir Sharifi.

Broken front tooth fixed with composite bonging new forest

Old cracked filling replaced with a highly aesthetic new filling by Dr Amir Sharifi.

Old cracked filling before image
Aesthetic dental filling after new forest

Gum contouring and crowns by Dr Manousos Goneos.

Deep tooth cavity fully cleaned and restored with layers of composite by Dr Amir Sharifi.

A highly decayed and infected tooth restored resulting in a perfect aesthetic filling by Dr Amir Sharifi.

Severely defected and infected teeth restored back to health using crown inlays by Dr Amir Sharifi.

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