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Sun Protection For Your Skin With AlumierMD Sunscreens

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Why Use AlumierMD Sun Cream Regularly?

  • Protect your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays.

  • Prevent long term problems such as visible vessels, thinned skin and skin cancer.

  • Prevents fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

  • No chemical filters that absorb into the skin.

We, here at Forestside Dental practice, want to give you the best tools in preventing damage to your skin

“I have been so pleased with the care and attention I have recieved. But most importantly I am absolutely delighted with the results!”

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What Is Sun Damage?

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Often when we think of our skin being damaged by the sun, we only think of sunburns. However, the sun emits several different rays that can damage the skin with repeated exposure over time. Sunburn is the immediate effect of prolonged exposure to the sun with no protection. This, however, adds to the damage that your skin is exposed to every day.

The sun emits two different dangerous rays. These are something that we must use the best sunscreen for face and body to avoid damaging your skin significantly. These are known as UVA and UVB rays. UVB rays are the reason for visible damage to the skin such a sunburn. These are present during the summer when the sun is high, and the weather is warmer but can be around during winter too.

UVA rays are something that affects the skin every single day. They are much longer than UVB rays and can penetrate through clouds and make its way through more layers of skin. This affects your collagen, elastin and blood vessels. This makes it vital to use a broad spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin.

As much as we all like to look tanned and beautiful, tans come from damage to your skin. The darker tone is it trying to protect itself. There is no safe tan and can lead to cancer. Get in touch with us to find out more.

What Is Broad Spectrum Sunscreen?

Broad spectrum sunscreen protects the skin from both UVA and UVB rays. A sunblock that is broad spectrum and has SPF 15 or higher are the only sun creams that can claim that they reduce the risk of cancer and premature ageing. SPF refers to the sunscreens ability to block UVB rays. Therefore, lower SPF can have a small amount of protection against sunburn.

However, issues arise when choosing a stronger sunscreen. Chemical sun creams can be absorbed into the skin and cause irritation, allergies, hormone disruption and even skin damage when sunlight interacts with the chemicals. Chemical filters have never been proven to be “safe”. This is because there has never been contrary evidence submitted to show that these particular sunscreens are bad for you.


Are There Alternatives To Chemical Filters?

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Fortunately, there are safe alternatives. This includes the AlumierMD sunscreen collection. These are specifically designed to protect your skin from damaging UV rays as well as the dangers that come with applying chemical filters to your skin. We offer AlumierMD’s fantastic range of zinc oxide sunscreen that has a wide range of antioxidants which help to protect against sun damage and are non-toxic.

By taking sun safety seriously and using our zinc sunscreen, you will be protecting yourself from bigger problems that may arise further down the line.

AlumierMD Sunscreen Lotion

If you’re looking for one of the best sunscreens for face and body, look no further than AlumierMD’s range of sun creams. There is something for everyone with different formulas created for oily and dry skin. These can also help with other issues such as acne, discolouration, ageing, redness and is perfect for sensitive skin.

We can even provide you with a tinted sunscreen which could replace your daily foundation. There is so much to choose from to encourage the health of your skin. If you would like to find out more information, get in touch with us today.

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AlumierMD Sunscreen Prices, New Forest

Discover the best sunscreen for your skin that is paraben-free, sulfate-free, chemical filter-free and even animal cruelty-free. There has never been a clearer choice for sun protection that AlumierMD’s fantastic range of products. We here at Forestside Dental Practice can offer these to you at incredibly competitive prices.

We serve customers throughout the New Forest including Dibden Purlieu, Hythe, Brockenhurst, Calshot, Christchurch, Highcliffe, Lymington, Lyndhurst, Milford-on-Sea, New Milton, Ringwood, Sway, Totton, Eling and the surrounding Hampshire and Dorset towns.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today. You can do so by filling out our online contact form. One of the friendly reception team will get back to you with everything you need to know about our fantastic sunscreens that we have to offer you.

You can also book an appointment with us. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how to better protect your skin from further sun damage.

Check out the prices for our sunscreens below as well as other AlumierMD products and services we have on offer.

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