Beautiful smiles

It’s never too late to have the smile you’ve always desired. The cosmetic procedures at Forestside Dental in Dibden Purlieu Southampton can brighten, repair and straighten your teeth, and our restorative treatments can help improve your mouth’s function. We offer a free initial cosmetic consultation to people from Dibden Purlieu, Fawley, Hythe, Blackfield, Holbury and Southampton, to help satisfy curiosities.

  • Tooth whitening is one of the most effective, long lasting and affordable ways to brighten your smile
  • White fillings give you the confidence to throw your head back and laugh and match your tooth colour for a more natural look
  • All-ceramic bridges, crowns and veneers are incredibly strong and can be colour-matched for a superior finish
  • Our dentures look natural and feel comfortable, allowing you to eat and speak with confidence
  • We provide cosmetic procedures for all budgets and offer same-day solutions and phased treatment plans



Wear & tear

Eating five portions of fruit and vegetables is great for boosting our vitamin levels but the acidic nature of fruits and fruit juices can gradually strip away tooth enamel leaving teeth sensitive and prone to wear. Fizzy drinks (even sparkling water) and fruit teas are also very acidic and erode tooth enamel. If you think you may be prone to tooth wear, or you are suffering from sensitivity, which can be caused by acid erosion, please let us know.
Cosmetic bonding conserves healthy tissue and naturally strengthens the remaining tooth providing a quick, painless, cost effective and reversible solution to cosmetic problems, such as wear, gaps, chips and discolouration. Layers of strong and long lasting filling material is perfectly matched and built up to look like natural teeth - with amazing results. If you would like to see a quick demonstration, ask us at your next visit!